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​​We show you how to turn healthy choices into simple ones – and make them a natural part of your everyday life. We’ll help you get started and support you along the way by showing you simple tweaks you can make to your lifestyle.


80% of all chronic diseases can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle. The potential for an increase in financial savings is great for both private individuals and for society as a whole.

We can help you create better public health by preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We can also help you set-up financing for this type of investment through a Health Impact Bond.

Insurance Companies

Together, through our service we ensure that appropriate resources will land with the people who need it most. We ensure that these individuals receive help before they develop a lifestyle-related chronic illness.

Our focus is risk reduction, and we make health measurable.

Our platform is clinically approved. Our service is scalable, adaptable, outcome-based and enables long-term lifestyle changes. Here you can see real results.

Private Persons

Changing your lifestyle is difficult - we can help you!

With our digital platform, you’ll receive the support you need to create long-term lifestyle changes.

With the support of a health coach, you’ll set health goals together according to your individual challenges and needs.

You can also use your wellness allowance with us.

This is included in all our packages

Personal health profile
Blood sample
Health coaching sessions
Weekly reporting of your health progress
Marketplace with health services and products

This is how Health Integrator works

Book your first coaching session

Meet your health coach when it suits you, whenever it suits you. 100 % digital.

Focus on your personal health history

Talk to your health coach about what you want to achieve. Identify areas you need to work on based on your personal challenges and goals.

Track your progress on our platform

On our platform, you can follow up on your goals, keep a journal on how things are going, and have conversations with your health coach.

Get help from our partners

You'll find products and services to help you reach your goals on our marketplace. Everything is hand-picked and quality-assured -- so you and your health coach can tailor your health journey to your needs.

"I love life more every day now, I feel more alert and sleep so much better!"

Karina Åbom-Engberg used the service since April 30, 2021

"The support of my health coach means a lot, without her it would not have worked."

Selma Caglar used the service since March 15, 2021

"After only a couple of weeks, I have started to lose weight and it encourages me to continue."

Magnus Olsson used the service since May 20, 2021

"The health coach assists with setting goals but is also knowledgeable and gives helpful tips along the way!"

Ghita Flinckman used the service since April 7, 2021

"My health coach provides inspiration, support and motivation when things are slow. I’m proud that my HbA1c value has improved."

John Österberg used the service since March 5, 2021

"The support from my health coach means a lot, she is knowledgeable and not so fast. It’s nice to discuss my concerns with her."

Malin Sjöström used the service since April 22, 2021

"Looking forward to changing both habits, mental truths and behaviors that I have created."

Maria Nordmark used the service since April 7, 2021

"The advantage with professional support is that it becomes easier to keep going when I have someone to report to."

Martina Käck used the service since July 8, 2021

"My health has been affected very positively, I feel stronger, more alert and more mobile."

Johan Demner used the service since March 11, 2021

"Having a health coach has helped me develop goals and keep focus on them."

Birgitta Wall used the service since March 11, 2021

"Big difference since I started, I’m now energetic and motivated. A wonderful feeling of joy and happiness."

Robert Williamson used the service since 25 June 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not registered caregivers with IVO. The advice we give is not to be seen as medical assessments or diagnoses and we therefore waive all medical responsibility.

No, we work with health coaches. In the case of blood sampling and similar services that require caregiver responsibility, this is with the respective supplier, where doctors, for example, are employed.

No, everything is paid in one payment.

You and your health coach decide how you want to place your coaching calls. Unused calls can lapse if they are not used in time according to the information you received at the time of purchase.

They usually have a three-year education at a university or college, where motivational conversations have been part of the education. The health coaches have a background as a health educator, physiotherapist, nurse or dietitian.

It depends on which package you have purchased. All packages start with a 50-minute call. Thereafter, the number of follow-up calls differs. You can buy extra follow-up calls anytime.

During the first conversation, the health coach will focus on listening to who you are and what your needs are. Together, you will then set relevant goals that are right for you. You have the opportunity to report your progress on these goals on a weekly basis via the platform if you wish.

The conversations you have with your health coach are tailored to you and your life puzzle. This means that everyone's personal needs and individual results will differ.

If you have chosen a package including a blood sample, we recommend you follow up every quarter or six months to get measurable results. You can buy more blood samples on our marketplace.

Yes. The service was developed in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet and was clinically validated in a three-month evidence-based study.

Health coaching can be covered by your wellness allowance, but not blood samples. We have therefore chosen to separate these on the receipt you receive from us when completing the purchase. Feel free to check with your employer how the process for using the wellness allowances works for you.

Mail our support at [email protected] and we’ll help you.

All personal data is processed to meet the requirements of the GDPR. Details can be read in our terms of service.

You will recieve a coupon in your email, for a 100% discount at Svensk provtagning, once your purchase of Health Standard or Health Premium has been completet. Follow the steps at Svensk Provtagning for your blood test. Your results will be accessable at Svensk Provtagning within a few days.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

We are your partner for better health and to prevent lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our method is clinically validated in a study conducted at Karolinska Institutet.

Keep an eye on your health.

Get your own health coach and meet digitally, whenever it suits you. Our health coaches are academically trained and have extensive professional experience.

Partners and supporters

Our partners play an important role in our work for sustainable and preventive health. We team up with various companies and organizations where each and everyone of them contributes to the prevention of chronic diseases to improve public health in different ways.

Do you want to collaborate? Get in contact at [email protected].

Health Integrator is a supplier of an internationally acclaimed health program on behalf of Stockholm Region. The purpose of the program is to prevent type 2 diabetes. The program has been clinically tested in a study at Karolinska Institutet.

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