Occupational Health 2.0

For companies and employers who want to invest in healthy and sustainable employees and a profitable bottom line. Health Integrator is a digital health platform that helps individuals to better living and health based on their individual conditions and needs.

We help you support your employees for better living

Employers are responsible for creating a good working environment. It includes the care about the physical and mental health of employees. Health Integrator's health platform is a comprehensive solution for companies that want to invest in employee health, in the short and long term.

Support the individual

Based on our digital health marketplace with a wide range of health services, the individual chooses health coach, health analysis, activities and follow-up and is supported to change their lifestyle.

Measurement and follow-up of the collective

Track the organization's health development with data, highlight the financial outcomes and easily report the sustainability numbers.

Health benefits

The employer can pay for Health Integrators service within the framework of its investment in health care, in whole or in part. Additional services can be paid for by the individual. Investment today - provides value for the company, society and individuals tomorrow and in the future.


For employers who want to invest in health

We live longer lives and it is important to invest in preventing chronic diseases and adding more healthy years to life.

Our platform helps individuals in the long-term succeed in changing their living habits (diet, exercise, stress, sleep, tobacco) with an individualized program with health educator, health analysis, activities and follow-up.

I see Health Integrator as an opportunity to support lifestyle changes by someone with knowledge while getting easy to use tools that can be applied in everyday life

Theres – Manager