Healthy habits made easy.

Support from a personal health coach

Health Integrator offers regular, individual coaching with a professional health coach. On your schedule, no matter where you are.

Make health choices the obvious choices

Together with your health coach, you will create a health plan dedicated to your personal health goals and tailored to your lifestyle. You’ll follow up regularly and track progress.

Exactly what you need to reach your goals

You’ll have access to a curated marketplace with health products and services that match your needs and goals. Choose the ones that suit you with your health coach.

The right fit for you

Health Integrator’s solution is tailored to your needs - no matter if you’re an individual, a company, or a health care provider.

For individuals

Set your goals for a healthier life and we’ll support you

Set health goals together with your health coach. They will also help you navigate activities and changes to help you achieve your goals, tailored to your lifestyle and needs

Easily measure and follow up your progress in the app. Adjust your health goals when needed, together with your Health Coach.

For healthcare providers

Partner with us to prevent disease

Choose Health Integrator as a partner for better health and prevention of chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We help you make healthier habits easy and accessible.

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For employers

Invest in employee health and well-being

Sign your employees up to track your organization's health development with data, highlight the impact on your bottom line, and easily report numbers to stakeholders.

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The health platform

Regularly check in with your health coach and easily follow you progress via the dashboard.

Purchase health services and products on our curated marketplace to reach your health goals.

On behalf of Region Stockholm we work to prevent type-2 diabetes

Our health coach Sara explains how the health program for Region Stockholm works and how we help participatns achieve a sustainable lifestyle step by step.