Our partners

Health Integrators health platform is an ecosystem and a marketplace with a wide range that creates conditions for better health. Through the health platform, users gain access to a large number of health services, activities and solutions that can contribute to better health.

We work with a number of companies and organizations, all of whom contribute with know-how, services and offers. We are happy to work with companies such as Friskis & Svettis, Midnattsloppet, ICA Klassikern, Alex Health - to name a few.

We have more ideas and would like to collaborate with others who, like us, want to invest in improved public health and prevention. If you, like us, see the great value of preventing illness for individuals, employers, health care and society at large - contact us.

Want to partner with us, or know more about Health Integrator? Contact us at: info@healthintegrator.eu