Set your goals for a healthier lifestyle and succeed with support of Health Integrator

Is it time for lifestyle changes to improve your health? With Health Integrator you can get individual guidance from a health coach to find the health solutions that works for you. Get started with activities, based on your health condition, needs and preferences.


Would you like to give Health Integrator a try, for better health?

Health Integrator and Region Stockholm have launched a new, longterm investment in health in order to prevent chronic diseases such as type 2-diabetes. Region Stockholm has developed a unique financing model, a so called Health Impact Bond and Health Integrator has developed a digital Health solution and smart phone app for the users.

Are you interested in trying Health Integrator? Would you like to know more about how it works? During the summer we will open up the opportunity to register for this new health solution. Sign up, with your name and e-mail adress, for more information (at no cost) and we will contact you with more information, as soon as we are ready.  

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Three steps to new, healthy habits

Health Integrator is developed for you, to improve your health. Make a longterm investment in your health in order to prevent chronic, diseases such as type 2-diabetes. Get individual support based on your needs and preferences.

Guidance and support from a professional Health Coach

Health Integrator offer users individual coaching by a professional Health Coach and a health test (blood samle). 

Hälsolösningar baserat på dina behov

Based on your indivdual health plan, defined together with your health coach, you select a combination of health activities and solutions based on your preferences. You choose activities that suits you and your every day life.

Track your progress and get support

You can easily measure and follow up you activities and your progress. Your health coach provides support, based on your needs. 


Your personal Health Coach

Through Health Integrator's health platform, you get a personal health coach who reinforces your ability to successfully change your lifestyle. It is challenging to break bad living habits and easy to fall back into old habits. Based on the health analysis and with the support of the health coach, you gain insight and motivation to succeed in making lasting changes.

All health coaches have three years of education from GIH (Gymnastics and Sports Academy) or equivalent and are experts in preventive health.

It motivates me if it's simple and where it not only helps with knowledge but is easy to implement the change too

Anna – Warehouse staff