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Healthcare globally faces many challenges. Whether it be through aging population, sharp spikes in lifestyle and chronic diseases, increased pharmaceutical costs, or new ways of structuring healthcare. The majority of healthcare resources are used towards caring for those who are already ill. Only a small part is spent on preventive measures in reducing the influx of new patients.

Work together with us to prevent unnecessary diseases and improve public health in your region! Our platform is clinically approved. Our service is scalable, adaptable, outcome-based and enables long-term lifestyle changes. Here you can see real results.

In addition to the preventive effort itself, we can also help your region set up a financing solution for this effort through a Health Impact Bond. A financial solution where the interest and repayment are linked to the success of the preventive effort.

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On behalf of Region Stockholm we work to prevent type-2 diabetes

Our health coach Sara explains how the health program for Region Stockholm works and how we help participatns achieve a sustainable lifestyle step by step.