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We're your partner for changing habits for the better and living a healthier life for many years to come.

Improve your health

Our digital health solution empowers you to reduce the risk of chronic diseases by helping you make healthier choices.

We want to make it easy. Health Integrator's digital health solution offers you many different health products and services that all have one thing in common: they benefit your life, in the long run.


of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes can be prevented.

This is how it works

Health Integrator is a clinically validated, unique method for preventive lifestyle change tailored to each individual.

  • Support from a personal health coach

  • Health plan based on a health analysis

  • Continously follow up to track progress

  • Access to a digital marketplace with health-promoting products and services

On behalf of Region Stockholm we work to prevent type-2 diabetes

Our health coach Sara explains how the health program for Region Stockholm works and how we help participatns achieve a sustainable lifestyle step by step.

Take the first step today!

Take part in our initiative to prevent type 2 diabetes for women and men, aged 50-60 in the Stockholm region. Get regular meetings with a personal health coach and free access to our solution, plus SEK 6,250 per year to spend on products and services for better health.

It motivates me that it should be simple, it not only helps with knowledge, but it must be easy to implement the change.

Anna / Warehouse worker

Through Health Integrator you get insight into the life you live, and things that need to change. It's good to have your health goals written down, like a mantra. To think: I'm really going to work on this now.

Mats / Bus driver

I see Health Integrator as an opportunity to get support for lifestyle changes from someone with knowledge and to get simple tools that can be applied in everyday life.

Theres / Manager

The service is based on clinical studies conducted by Karolinska Institutet and is launched on behalf of the Stockholm Region together with Skandia and SEB. It has been developed in collaboration with, among others, Friskis & Svettis Stockholm, Alex Therapeutics, Apoteket, GIH and Storstockholms Diabetesförening.

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